Geek Selection Process

The high demand to participate in the Geeks for America program offers TechFoundation and our partners the opportunity to select the best geeks from a large pool of talented applicants.  The selection process begins with ads posted online and in print directed to high quality colleges and universities.  Potential geeks apply to Geeks for America with a resume, cover letter, and transcript.  Upon receipt of the applications, Geeks for America staff and partners read through all of them to determine a selection of the best candidates to match with the pool of nonprofit host sites.  Based on the resume, cover letter, interview, references, and the criteria listed below, the best applicants are selected and awarded fellowships. 

Geek Selection Criteria

Geeks are selected according to the following criteria:

• Overall application quality.  We seek geeks who are serious enough about the Geeks for America application that their cover letter and resume are of the highest quality.

• Academic excellence.  Geeks must have completed a college degree from an accredited university and demonstrate academic excellence through their transcript. 

• Technology skills.  We select geeks that have either majored or minored in computer science, MIS or a related field.  Those whose academic history does not reflect a technology bias must show other proof of serious, high-level technology skills.  We give special consideration to individuals who have experience in a help desk or computer lab. 

• Commitment to community. Preference is also given to applicants with volunteer or nonprofit experience or the ability to clearly demonstrate their commitment to their community. 

• Diversity and depth of experience.  Geeks for America seeks to work with interesting, committed, diverse people.  We want each geek to be a valuable addition to the nonprofit host and the program.  We look for applicants that demonstrate that they are a person of substance and integrity and have a wide array of experiences to bring to the program. 

• Skills match.  Geeks for America seeks geeks that are most appropriate for our host sites.  We hope to find geeks whose skills match the needs of our nonprofit partners. 

• Able to work legally in the United States.  We are unable to sponsor work visas for non-U.S. citizens.