The Mentor Program

A key component of the Geeks for America program, the Mentor program engages professional volunteers to advise geeks in matters of information technology, nonprofit support, and career planning.  Mentors make a commitment to offer time each month to advise geeks in any of five ways.  Geeks for America works directly with individuals or builds mentor programs with corporate community outreach departments.  Partnering with Geeks for America offers professionals an excellent opportunity to use their skills in service to the community.  

Types of Mentors

  • Help-Desk Mentors offer online and phone support to geeks on topics of their expertise.  
  • Onsite Mentors provide onsite technology support through short-term or ongoing projects.
  • Career Counselor Mentors give guidance to geeks on their individual career paths through meetings and phone support on an as-needed basis.
  • Instructor Mentors teach on-going or one-time courses in areas of their expertise to geeks as part of Geeks for America’s ongoing training program through formal lectures, seminars, or ongoing classroom-based training.
  • Site Manager Mentors provide project management, strategic assessment, and evaluation for a nonprofit site.